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PT. Aperdi plays a critical role in OTC FX and Futures world in Asia. Being a liquidity provider and market maker for OTC trades means that PT. Aperdi provides number one financial resources a market maker must provide, and this is what we provide to PT Aperdi's brokerage houses: exceptional financial resources, no less.

Founded at the dawn of Indonesia's OTC trade, PT. Aperdi has all the materials a world-class market maker must have: excellent liquidity, superb risk management, and continuous financial market expansion.

Starting with only one brokerage house at 2002, in less than 10 years, PT. Aperdi managed to be the selected liquidity provider for not less than eight of Asia's biggest brokerage houses: PT. Millennium Penata Futures, PT. Victory International Futures, PT. Midtou Aryakom Futures, PT. Magnadana Berjangka, PT. Nine Star Futures, PT. Asia Pacific Futures, PT. Dana Graha Futures, and PT. Penata Artha Futures.


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Latest Project
Limited Liabilities offers 3 Standard Building Size Types, starting from the size s-BIG, m-BIG, e-BIG. The standard Building is intended to meet the function of plant-office house, with land size varied from 480 m2, 900 m2, and 1.380 m2.

Ware house :
12 x 24 m2

Ware house :
18 x 30 m2

Ware house :
23 x 36 m2
Latest Updates
Bumi Citra Tingkatkan Infrastruktur di KI Millenium
Wednesday, 17 February 2010

TANGERANG - PT Bumi Permai Citra plans to build gas-fired power plants and water treatment facilities with a total investment of Rp 159 billion in the Industrial Area (KI), Millennium Industrial Estate in Cikupa, Tangerang.
PT Bumi Citra Permai Tbk recorded its shares as much as 500 shares
Tuesday, 26 January 2010

PT. Bumi Citra Permai (BCP) Tbk is one of Millennium Indutrial Estate (MIE) Group that owns 169,76 Ha industrial area in Tangerang District, Banten Province, at 36 Km from central Jakarta, Cikupa Tigaraksa, which established from lst 2000.
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